Hi! My name is Jason.  I am an aspiring writer.

My college background is in the Social Sciences, but somehow luck took me into Engineering.  I have nearly 10 years of experience working in manufacturing in the Quality Engineer roll.  I have been able to work under strange circumstances, which I plan on writing about once I filter them into writing form.  I am currently not employed but hoping very soon to have my services applied to an organization.

Since I am a social scientist by college experience, I read books related to the subjects of capitalism, moral philosophy, social & economic organization, and among many others.

In the course of my life I have lived in Japan for a number of years and my experiences have enriched me.  I do speak Japanese to a certain extent as my fluency has took on a lot of rust since working for a non-Japanese firm for the last year.

Recently I have been interested in Europe so I am learning German and have my sights on French and Italian in addition to Turkish.  I was able to go to Germany in May of 2016 and it was an experience I hope to have again.


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