Job Search – 3 Jan 2016

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the unemployment office.  I assume it is to interview that I am actually searching for work and I am not just sucking the resources of the state while I do nothing.  I think the wording in the actual email was slightly different but that was the feeling I am coming away with.

The holidays make this especially hard to search for a job.  So for a week I had the luxury of not having people call asking me to apply for jobs that I am either not interested or are far out of my location that it would be a difficult move to make.

I am placing a lot of my hopes on a certain job mainly because it is fresh company to the area with a young company culture and exciting product lines.  They are European, which is a new market I would like to explore.

I have experience in the Tier 2 level of American automakers in addition to my experience with Toyota as Tier 1 supplier.  But Europe is a new idea and I do not much about European automakers and their quality.  Perhaps that is a good thing in that I do not know that they have much knowledge on their quality except for the Volkswagen emissions fraud.  Other than that, I do not know anyone who has a German car except for my relatives and friends in Europe.

Other than that, I have limited prospects.  Other opportunities are in places I would not go even only driving through on the way to some other destination.  One job prospect is in the middle of Tennessee.  Others are in Michigan and northern Indiana.

I just hope that this opportunity pans out and I can get back to earning a living rather than living off unemployment insurance.  I would rather have fill from my hard work than a hand-out.  While I take the hand-out graciously, I feel that it is not deserved.  I never wanted to leave my job and I am still confused as to why I had to.  Perhaps that is another post for another day.


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