Girls chase Boys chase Girls

Because Waterfront Wednesday is an event I look forward to, I timed the rain end to my departure from my apartment correctly.  It was storming with thunder, lightning and gusts of wind that it seemed to be a bad idea to leave the safety of my home, but I already decided that life is too short.

The awkwardness of the meeting at the flagpole under the walk-bridge was not as bad as I had thought it to be.  There was David and another and another guy.  Another guy and another guy were too shy to say ‘hi’ or make eye contact with me.

Lance showed up out of nowhere in particular, or Jasper, Indiana.  He was a lanky forty-one year old that could barely look me in the eye, but his eyes were blue and had a lot of nervous energy.  Lance talked with pauses that showed how he gathered his thoughts as if trying excessively to pick good words from his mind.  His disjointed speech was rather tiresome as you can almost expect the next words to come out of his mouth.  There was some naivety mixed with partial self-confidence about Lance, like a book smart child trying to explain her idealism about the real world.  He felt like a mix of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstedder from the “Big Bang Theory”.

After meeting Lance and David, it felt that I had gone into the “alpha-male” trance: every time I feel bored with other males around I feel the need to take the reigns and be decisive and become the leader.

The third act was in mid-set.  Coco and Ming left.  A bunch of other guys were left, but I didn’t feel the need to talk to them and it felt mutual.  Ivan finished eating all the food.  Kim disappeared without much of a trace.

Lance wanted to walk down to the river and take a look around.  Ivan and I thought it might be nice to check it out.  The short walk through a sea of people was a journey though it felt like the sea parted a bit.  Many kids and other adults were at the water’s edge hanging out and some were drinking.

We were talking a bit and looking around.  I noticed out of the corner of my eye a person approaching a breach of our personal space.  It was dark so I could not distinguish much about her other than she was thin, wearing a blouse of dark color, and perhaps brunette or blonde.  This girl had a cup in her hand.  Her movement indicated inebriation. She made some greeting and began small-talk.  When she seemed nervous, so I called her out on it and asked, “Are you talking to us on a dare?”  Immediately she began targeting Lance, and by targeting, I mean that something was not right at all by this situation in that she was asking him to do something.  She picked off Lance to where Ivan or I could not hear what she was saying to him.

The gist of it was that she wanted Lance to talk to an older lady who was probably closer in age to him than Ivan or me.  The reason was not clear, and I am not so sure about the justification for her request.  Lance was all too quick to do this for this girl and immediately struck up a conversation with the older lady.  I heard them talking as it was rather inaudible as the music continued nearby.  But the conversation ended rather abruptly and quickly.  Ivan and I turned around and found this lady storming off like she had been offended by either someone’s words or an odor.

I didn’t see much of the older lady Lance approached, but my instincts implied to me that she was in her forty’s, single and never-married, and had extremely low self-confidence.

The girl that approached Lance scurried off back to her friends.  I found it rather unnerving so the alpha-male, or more likely, the avenger in me sent out the “What the Hell?!” body posture of throwing up my arms beaming in their direction.  Four girls about 20 – 30 years old lumbered over and made awkward impressions.  They were pretty as far as I could tell, but rather immature.  These four were drinking and they were a bit weird in their presentation to us.  I could not get straight answers when I asked them questions.  I couldn’t fathom their motives so I began to phase away the conversation.

Lance however seemed intrigued by these four even though the flags were all red.  Somehow, Lance decided to ask the girl who had approached us initially for her phone number, but I couldn’t believe that it was going to be a legitimate number or whether these girls were virtuous enough to give a response.

I pulled out and began being facetious with one of the girls I was able to talk to.  All instincts were point toward that someone, Lance, was going to be heartbroken.  These girls appeared to be having fun at someone’s else expense.


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